Government and Media Manipulation by Wealthy Contributors Ruining America..

This week my husband and I watched a documentary on Netflix called “Catching the Sun.” It is a about a current issue faced by society. The surprising, and disheartening aspect of the documentary was seeing how Big Money manipulates the media and the public. Television programs like Fox spout untruths propagandized by billionaires wielding their power over the unsuspecting public. These men, as you will see in the documentary, ruin the lives of public servants they fear will interrupt their goal to stall economic progress. They do this through groups disguised as public interest groups, but secretly these groups do not concern themselves with the welfare of main street at all. I found this film very enlightening.
Please check out this amazing report of the Green Energy struggle our country is quietly waging on Americans.
I would love to hear your thoughts on what we as a society should be doing to put a stop to the manipulation of our government and media.