Americans on Slave Wages While Congress Gets Fat Off Big Money Contributions.

Americans on Slave Wages:

According to historians, indentured servants were allowed to work under specific arrangements. Those arrangements normally included the exchange of work for food, and meager housing arrangements. There were no health benefits or retirement plans. The pay each servant received was strategically never intended to be enough to improve their position, merely enough to keep them beholden to the master and a system of poverty; until they died or were released. The servants attempt to survive without knowledge, funds or an ability to manage for themselves, if they were able to gain freedom, was laughable. Through all their struggles less than forty percent were able to keep a roof over their heads. In contrast, their employer (so to speak) enjoyed lush lands, warms homes, extravagant feast, and pockets lined with the cash earned from the blood, sweat, and tears of the under privileged, and grossly under paid servants.

Alternatively in 2016, when many would have us believe things are better we still find the under paid struggling to make ends meet while congress, and big business continue to rake in huge paydays. In America, with what one calls a free job market, employer’s are presently raking in in excess of 300% markup over their product production cost, and billions in net revenue dollars for themselves and their shareholders. However, in pale comparison to the lifestyle of the corporate owners and executives, the working class is still forced to get by on substandard education (in lower income areas) and wages the government calls insufficient and below the line of poverty for this economy. In addition, consequently the cost of living and goods has soared, yet there has been no cost of living adjustment. Families of three or four are trying to scrape by on $14.50 an hour (assuming both parents are working at $7.25 per hour) while executives spend an employees days wage at lunch.

It is as if everyone’s judgment has been clouded by greed, and no one can see or cares about the huge disconnect between truth and reality.

It can be argued America merely changed the name of its burden society from servant to employee: what say you?