Our Mission

As a young girl I was stolen from my father, and abandoned in Syracuse N.Y. where I was then left with a grandmother that was not prepared to have a young girl in her home, and a malicious drunk for a grandfather.  At the age of fourteen I escaped. After months of living with friend after friend, and finally left with the cold winter streets of New York I knew I would not make it another night so at the age of sixteen I placed myself in Foster Care, which possibly saved my life.
Since then I have dedicated my life to helping others facing their own crossroad. A time in their life  where one bad decision could mean life or death.

I wrote my life’s story  in 2010, and traveled from state to state signing over 23000 copies.
After receiving hundreds of thanks you, a medal from a Seargent who served in Iraq, and emails from women, teens and men from ages 12 to 71 I realized my story ‘Cucumbers Have Thorns and Snakes Love Strawberries’ changes lives, and is a story that must be heard.
I need your help raising funds to create awareness, promote the title, and create a pilot script for a movie .
My journey has always taken down the long road…it is a journey life has prepared me for everyday. I will pursue every avenue monetarily possible with the funds received, including Google analytics, Face Book, TV ads, film makers, giveaways, and conferences to see this mission through. This project means so much to me because I did not ask to do it, I was called to do it. I know this means I can not give up or fail.

Read the first three chapters for free at www.jsebooks.com. It is a story about rising to meet the light when it seems there is none. Words can not express the joy any generosity or assistance in achieving the goal to get my story of failures and triumphs to those that need it on your behalf would bring .

I have walked uphill for a long time, sometimes crawling when I thought I had no strength left to walk. It would feel good to helps others see what the horizon looks like from the top.

I can not succeed without your help.


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